Irish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland


The Club was founded in 1971 by several breeders in Northern Ireland with the following objects:-

  • to maintain the qualities and type of the Irish Wolfhound, as described in the breed Standard issued by the Kennel Club, and to promote the breeding and exhibition of sound and healthy stock.
  • to promote the Irish Wolfhound as a Native Breed of the island of Ireland.
  • to hold shows for the exhibiting of Irish Wolfhounds and, at the discretion of the Committee, to guarantee breed classes at shows held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.
  • to hold breed seminars for the education of judges, breeders, exhibitors, owners and others showing an interest in Irish Wolfhounds with regard to all aspects, including the health and welfare of the breed.


The Club is affiliated to the Kennel Club (London), and runs a Championship Show every September, as well as other events during the year.

The Club is a member of the Irish Wolfhound Health Group, a joint operation of the four UK Irish Wolfhound clubs addressing breed specific health issues and liaising thereon with the Kennel Club (London). The Group runs heart testing sessions annually in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland.

The Club is an associate member of the Federation of the European Irish Wolfhound Clubs (EIWC). The next biennial EIWC congress will be in Germany, 2016.

This years club show: