Critique of 2008 Championship Show

Judge was Mr Dennis Gallant from the USA. The results of all classes can be seen here:

  • PD (5, 2a)Macaulay’s Strickenoak Earl Marischal from Gartlove, very typey puppy that I liked very much, pleasing silhouette, good ear carriage and good length of neck, nice coat. Would prefer darker eye. Topline is good as is underline. I would prefer a little more return of upper arm. Moved well.

    O’Keeffe’s Calcara Horgan, nice dog, good coat, good ear carriage, front doesn’t quite balance his better angled rear.

    Hill’s Gulliagh Jackeen, a very happy puppy having a terrific time in the ring. He did not want to stand for examination, and was more interested in the lead than moving.

  • JD (1)Beck’s Lagan Bank Lad, nice black boy. Would have preferred better ears and a darker eye, bite is off, very pleasing silhouette. Stands a bit wide in front when stacked, but moves out of it. Would prefer more return of upper arm, nice muscle in rear, very nice coat, a little steep in the croup, low hocks.
  • YD (4, 1)Smith’s Uella O’Hogan, nice head with good expression, good bite with correct ears, nice topline and underline, low hocks, good coat, moves well, nice angles front and rear.

    Rainey & Shaw-Rainey’s Tarlog Classical Graffiti by Starchelle, pleasing head, but eye a little light, good bite, nice coat, feet a little flat, and down in pasterns, stands hockey in rear. Top and underline is OK Moved very wide down and back.

    Mullen’s Gwernyfed Dal Dy Dir, very nice dog that just did not want to be out here today. Nice head with good expression that could have been improved with a darker eye, bite OK, coat fine, good angulation front and rear, good topline & underline, nice low hocks.

  • ND (1)Oliver’s Rivenhound Wild Goose Chase, nice brindle with a pleasing head and good ears, the bite is a bit off, well balanced fore and aft, on down and back, he throws his right front leg, when stacked, his right front foot turns out, nice shape, low hocks, carries a little too much weight.
  • PGD (1)Finney’s Gulliagh Ardtully, pleasing head with good bite and dark eye, nice length of neck, when stacked, right front foot turns out, more angled in rear than front, would prefer more angulation at both ends, would prefer more width of stifle, nice topline and underline, seemed unsure of himself today.
  • LD (4,0)Finney’s Gulliagh Hagrid, pleasing head with a dark eye and good ears when rosed, nice length of neck and back, more return of upper arm would balance his better angulated rear, nice side movement and true down and back. When stacked, his topline could use more arch over the loin, but when moving his topline was fine. Reserve CC

    McMillan’s Sade Rossi at Ballalyn, overall a nice dog with a good coat, would prefer more length of neck & body, topline a bit soft, moves well, would prefer more size, balanced fore and aft with good width of stifle.

    Barnbrook & Smith-King’s Bribiba Chieftain of Scotland, grey brindle, pleasing head with good ears and bite, but a light eye, would prefer more leg, nice silhouette with a pleasing topline & underline, would prefer more angulation front and rear, but good length of upper arm, good spring of rib, good width of stifle, moves well.

  • OD (14, 4)Finney’s Ir Ch Gulliagh Albus, pleasing head with dark eyes, good bite, and nice ears when he roses them, tends to carry them flat, would prefer a smaller ear. Nice length of neck to body to leg, good coat, nicely balanced with good angulation front and rear, good bone, would like to see a bit more arch over the loin, nice feet and width of stifle. He is a real stallion with good reach and drive when moving. When he came into the ring, he demanded my attention. CC/BIS

    Simpson’s Amarach Melaghlin at Tattered Gown, nice black boy who would benefit from more leg, pleasing head with a good bite & ear carriage, balanced fore and aft, nice low hocks, side movement was not his strength today, would prefer a little more length and curve to the topline.

    Barnbrook & Smith-King’s Santir Pride of Scotland at Bribiba, nice dog with an old style head that I like, he did not want to be here today, head is good with a good bite, nice coat, moves OK, nice low hocks, a little heavy in weight.

  • PB (10, 1)Clark’s Killykeen Niam at Tarlog, very pretty black bitch, nice head with a good ears and bite, pleasing silhouette with good length of neck, back and leg, could use a little longer upper arm, balanced with good angulation fore and aft, moves well. BPIS

    Mullen’s Broughadowey Asta, very pretty girl who needs a bit more leg and a longer upper arm, very nice head with dark eyes and good ears, nice coat.

    Mullen’s Broughadowey An Mhaigh, very similar to her litter sister above with essentially the same comments. Today, this puppy didn’t move as well as her sister. She was more interested in playing with the lead.

  • JB (7, 1)Alinson & Falconer’s Marlaw Pearl Diver, head OK and would improve with a darker eye, she is a little soft in the topline but has nice muscle in the rear. Nice long upper arm. Would prefer more angulation fore and aft.

    Holder & Howe’s Nellwyns Miss Ella, nice bitch, good upper arm, nice rear, little soft in topline, Would prefer more angulation fore and aft.

    Macaulay’s Gartlove Lady Godiva, nice head and coat, great upper arm, soft in topline. Reluctant to stand over herself today.

  • YB (6, 2)Pask’s Solstrand Yelena of Baronglen, nice head with good ears and a dark eyes, good length of neck, topline line a little flat, standing and moving, good coat, has good length of leg, would prefer more bone, moves OK.

    Scott’s Tarlog Tawnawully, this youngster wanted to be anywhere else today than here, pleasing expression, would prefer longer upper arm and more return to balance her rear. Feet somewhat flat. Nice coat.

    Macaulay’s Gartlove Gartwhinnzean, nice ears and bite, eyes could be darker. Very upright in shoulders with a forward set to her front assembly, soft topline, nice coat, good side gait.

  • NB (4, 0)Clark’s Killykeen Niam at Tarlog

    McFarland’s Tarlog Ellie, nice on the stack, nice head with good bite, dark eyes, and good ears, pleasing topline, good coat, carrying too much weight, upper arm is a bit short, would prefer more rear angulation, could move better on the down and back.

    Finney’s Gulliagh Killogues, pleasing head with dark eyes, good angulation fore and aft with upper arm a little short, would prefer more width of stifle, nice coat, good side movement, but down and back wasn’t true today. Both front feet turn out on the stack and on the move.

  • UGB (2, 0)Finney’s Gulliagh Barraduff, good head with a nice dark eye, good bite and ears, a little straight in the shoulder and upper arm, could use a little longer neck and length of body to fit her nice length of leg, nt well balanced with more angulation in the rear than in the front, nice topline and underline, good coat.

    Crawford & Poole’s Marlaw Freya Bwarned, nice head with good ears but would prefer a darker eye. Shoulders are somewhat straight, with a short upper arm, and the whole assembly set on too far forward, front not balanced to her more angled rear, soft topline, nice coat, moved well.

  • PGB (6, 4)Tebbutt’s Caredig Grace, nice head with good ears and bite, could use a darker eye, neck length is good into sloping shoulders, the coat is good, topline and underline are good with a nice width of stifle. The feet are good and hocks are low. There is good bone.Her movement was somewhat restricted today.

    Finney’s Gulliagh Corrig, pretty bitch who stands nicely over herself, pleasing length of neck, somewhat short in upper arm, good coat, topline and underline good, hocks are low, bone is good.

  • LB (8, 4)Oliver’s Covenant Inmoiran at Retsniar, pleasing head with good ears, coat is a bit soft. She is a little heavy but topline remains good. Movement OK. Would prefer more angulation fore and aft.

    Mullen’s Midnight Emma of Nutstown, nice black bitch with a good head and ears. She carries a little too much weight. Could use more angulation front and rear and a longer leg.

    Finney’s Gulliagh Scarlet, nice head, coat OK, balanced fore and aft. Was disappointed that she did not want to move today.

  • OB (8, 3)Tebbutt’s Ch Caredig Hegarty, very balanced bitch with a great silhouette, head is very nice with good ears and bite and a dark eye, the length of the head is balanced with good planes and a proper width of backskull, topline and bottom line flow in gentle curves, properly angulated front and rear. Good length of neck flows into proper length of body. Moves well with ease, and reach and drive that covers ground with little apparent effort. Coat is fine, feet are good, nice width of stifle, good bone. CC/RBIS

    McCall’s McLight’s Red Rose, good head with nice ears and dark eyes, nice depth and width of chest, good spring of rib, nice long upper arm, good angulation fore & aft, nice length of neck into a properly curving topline, good mover down and back and on the side, frequently posted on the stack which compromised her silhouette, very nice big bitch. Reserve CC

    Barnbrook & Smith-King’s Bribiba Destiny of Scotland, another very nice bitch, good topline and underline, good head with a dark eye, nice length of neck flows into balanced angulation fore and aft, good width of stifle and proper low hocks, good bone, carries a bit too much weight, would prefer a little more leg. Moves a little east-west in front on the down and back.

  • VB (2, 0)Smith’s Uella Oola, very pretty bitch with good type, nice head with dark eyes, and good ear carriage, nice topline and underline, good angulation fore and aft, nice coat, very pleasing silhouette, nice reach and drive and kept topline on the move.

    Finney’s Ir Ch Gulliagh Nedine, another nice bitch who moved well and maintained her topline, nice head with good ears, balanced angulation fore and aft, low hocks.