Critique of 2009 Championship Show

Judge was Dr Frédéric Maison from France. All credit to Mr A Rainey. The results of all classes can be seen here:

I’d like to thank the IWCNI for its kind invitation to judge the breed championship show at Hillsborough Fort on 25th on September. The show venue was great, so suitable for this breed.

Thank you also to Margaret Martin, my ring secretary and Kenny Stevenson, my ring steward, who were both so efficient and made my job easy .

The quality was overall good but, as in most of the countries, I saw too many bad hindquarters, especially, the hocks which are often much too close and lacking in power.

This show and my visit in Ireland will stay a long time in my memory.

  • PD (1,0)

    Barnbrook & Smith-King’s Santir Spirit of the Glen over Bribiba. Masculine dog with correct proportions. Good type. Nice head. Correct length of body. Excellent substance and muscle but lacked energy when moving.

  • JD (2, 1)

    Donnelly’s Calcara Biggle of Cuaontroime. Good proportions. Correct type. Correct length of head. Ears could be better. Topline is too flat/level. Could have more substance for a male. Too straight in pastern. A little bit shy and nervous in the ring today. Very good movement with energy but a little close in hocks when moving.

  • YD (2,1)

    McFarland & Hill’s Gulliagh Jackeen. Masculine dog with good proportions. Good substance and muscle but needs more ring training. His ears could better. Could have more angulation in front and he is too close in hocks. Movement not easy and active. He has bad tail carriage. Good coat and excellent temperament.

  • LD (4,2)

    Finney’s Gulliagh Ardtully. Nice dog with beautiful outline. Wonderful head, masculine and long. He is a little bit narrow front and rear. He is too straight in pastern. Excellent substance. Moves well but could be more powerful behind. Reserve CC.

    Barnbrook & Smith-King’s Bribiba Chieftain of Scotland. Masculine dog a little bit too heavy especially in front. Nice head. Good neck. He needs more length of hind leg to balance. Movement correct.

  • OD (11, 7)

    Tebbutt’s Ch Caredig Galileo. Excellent type in superb condition. Excellent proportions. Could have more angulation in pasterns and rear. Nice masculine head. Excellent topline and underline. Movement is correct.CC.

    McMillan & McCall’s Sade Rossi at Ballalyn. Smaller dog but well balanced. Legs could be longer. Chest a little bit too broad. This dog was a little bit too fat today. Too heavy in skull. Excellent movement, easy and active.

    Finney’s Gulliagh Hagrid. Excellent type but too weak behind. Excellent strong neck with good muscle. Nice length of head but muzzle is too narrow and he has a bit too much stop over the eye. Excellent angulation in front. His topline is too flat and he needs more muscle and power behind.

  • PB (2)

    Maltman’s Santir Thelma. Nice and feminine. Correct proportions. Out of coat today and especially lacking in head furnishings. Too narrow in under jaw. Good active mover but a little bit wide in front on the move.

    Flood’s Santir Shaconga Rose. Nice body. Very good angulation front and rear. Excellent musculature neck. Under jaw too narrow. Bit short in leg. To close behind on the move. Little bit nervous and shy in the ring today.

    3 Crawford/Poole’s Marlaw Alainn

  • JB (4, 2)

    Donnelly’s Calcara Siochan of Cuaontroime. Correct proportions. Feminine with nice curves. Could have more length of leg. Little bit heavy in skull. Excellent topline and underline. Excellent muscle and substance. Nice angulation front and rear. Moves well.

    Donnelly’s Calcara Keeva of Cuaontroime. Correct type. Good proportions. Topline slopes off too much. Little bit nervous and shy in the ring today. Correct angulation front and rear. Hocks too loose when moving.

  • YB (4, 2)

    Mullen’s Broughadowey An Mhaigh. Nice outline. Correct proportions. Nice musculature neck. Good angulation front and rear. Well balanced. Good substance, muscle and condition. Excellent coat. Correct movement from side but too loose in hocks.

    Calcara Keeva of Cuaontroime

  • NB (3, 1)

    Mullen’s Broughadowey Asta JCh, EJW, CJW. Nice feminine bitch with correct proportions. Excellent chest. Little bit too fat today. Good condition. Nice angulation front and rear. Excellent mover.

  • UGB (5,2)

    Scott’s Brachan Loch Fyne Cu-Uladh. Correct type. Would need more angulation front and rear. Topline could be better. Good proportions. Correct length of leg. Correct head and neck. Too close in hocks when moving.

    O’Neill’s Hazianne’s Luna Eclipse over Ballyvonair. Nice outline. Excellent proportions. Nice length of body. Too narrow in jaw. Much too close in hocks when moving. Needs more power behind.

    Barnbrook & Smith-King’s Nightwing Wanderin Star over Bribiba.

  • PGB (4, 1)

    Finney’s Gulliagh Barraduff. Excellent type. Excellent head, long and lean. Correct proportions. Topline could be better, too steep in croup. Could have more angulation front. Upper arm too straight. Too straight in pasterns. Little bit narrow in front. Good substance. Excellent length of leg. Excellent coat. Moves well.

    Barnbrook & Smith-King’s Bribiba’s Ebony Moon. Correct type. Well balanced. Excellent condition. Could have more substance. Little bit heavy in skull. Topline too flat. Would need more angulation in rear. Excellent topline and chest. Moves well.

    Scott’s Tarlog Tawnawully. Excellent proportions. Sound. Good muscle and condition. Nice head and neck. Under jaw much too narrow. Excellent topline and underline. Excellent angulation front and rear. Little bit too fat. Lacks energy and power when moving.

  • LB (7, 5)

    Scott’s Caredig Honesty. Tall bitch with a lot of substance and muscle. Excellent proportions. . Beautiful head and neck. Correct topline and underline. Correct angulation front and rear. Excellent chest. Could have more power moving, especially behind.

    Mullen’s Midnight Emma of Nutstown. Little bit too fat today and too broad in the chest. Little bit to heavy in shoulder. Correct angulation in front but could have more angulation behind. Topline is too flat. Would need more length of leg. Movement is correct.

  • OB (8, 4)

    Tebbutt’s Ch Cualainn Psyche Caredig. Outstanding bitch. Beautiful outline, nice curves. Excellent proportions. Muzzle a bit narrow but nice length of head. Excellent neck, shoulder and chest. Excellent topline and underline. Excellent length of leg. Nice angulation behind. Excellent side movement but too loose in hocks when moving. CC & BIS

    Finney’s Gulliagh Corrig. Excellent type. Feminine bitch with excellent proportions. Beautiful head and neck but too straight in front. Excellent angulation behind. Correct substance but lack of energy when moving and a little bit close behind. Res CC & Res BIS..

    McMillan’s Ballalyn’s What If. Well-balanced bitch. Little bit too broad in skull and chest. Excellent condition, muscle and substance. A little bit too fat today. Could have better rear angulation and she is rather erratic in hind movement. Very well handled.