Critique of 2010 Championship Show

Judge was Mr James G Reynolds from Canada. All credit to Mr A Rainey. The results of all classes can be seen here.

I would like to thank the show organisers and exhibitors for a truly amazing and enjoyable day as I got to work with my favorite breed.

  • PD (5,0a)1 Holder & Howe’s Mascott’s Another Strip. Lovely Brindle Puppy. Great size and substance. Moves well coming & going. A little strong in the head. Good type and balance.

    2 O’Keeffe’s Calcara Bracken. Light Brindle Pup. Beautiful head and type. Easy on the eye.Gives a lot away on age.

    3 McDonnell’s Cualainn Eli. Dark Brindle Pup. Pretty head, goes well. Needs more practice with owner.

  • JD (4)1 Finney’s Cucknocklong Henry Higgins. Elegant dog, young. Good head, nice curves. Good coming and going. Needs work on rear.

    2 Clark’s Tarlog Liam Neeson. Similar dog. More commanding dog with substance. Giving away a lot in the rear. Work on rear would make a stronger contender

    3 O’Keeffe’s Calcara Taoíseach

  • YD (2,1)1 Macaulay’s Graystone Freeman from Gartlove. Very attractive brindle. Good balance, and a very good commanding young dog. Masculine with good substance. Outstanding rear angulation and great use of hocks from the side. Needs to drop into front to support rear, this will come with age.
  • LD (5,2)1 Pask’s Solstrand Yorick of Baronglen. Brindle dog – commanding appearance. Good head and ear. Good lay back of shoulder. Good curves and balance. Needs more sweep of stifle. Handsome dog would win the Reserve CC.

    2 Barnbrook/Smith-King’s Santir Spirit of the Glen over Bribiba. Perhaps a little more substance than 1st dog. Good wolfhound when still, has balance and good proportions. Rather loses some of his outline with his tail carriage on the move.

    3 Donnelly’s Calcara Biggle of Cuanontroime. Athletic dog. Lacks a little in bone and substance at the moment. If develops will be worthy wolfhound.

  • OD (8, 3)1 Tebbutt’s Ch Caredig Galileo. Dog of great size and substance, very commanding. Good type and movement. Balanced front and rear. Good curves. Would prefer a different ear but that would be nit picking. Won the CC with a push from the Limit Dog and then went BIS over a very sharp contender in the shape of the Bitch CC Winner. CC, BIS.

    2 McMillan/McCall’s Sadé Rossi at Ballalyn. Smaller dog. Sound and good substance. Good movement coming and going. Placed above the others in the class because of movement and substance combined.

    3 Finney’s Gulliagh Ardtully. Taller dog. Sound but not same substance. Good coming and going. Good head, very elegant with curves and proportions.

  • PB (3)1 Finney’s Gulliagh Constance. Dark Brindle Puppy. Pretty head. Very sound. Little drop off on croup. Hopefully this will change with age.

    2 O’Keeffe’s Calcara Gnothas. Wheaten Brindle. Pretty head. Rolls because of too much time at food bowl. Good type and with less food and more exercise should make a very attractive bitch.

    3 Crawford/Poole’s Marlaw Alainn

  • JB (8,4)Lovely Class. Very little separates first two.

    1 Clark/Killykeen-Doyle’s Tarlog Cuimhne ar Killykeen. Grey Brindle – tall. Great range and substance. Sound coming and going. Lovely type.

    2 Gargan’s Bribiba’s Country Dancer. Grey Brindle. More curves than 1st. Not as sound in rear. Hopefully soundness will develop.

    3 Holder & Howe’s Mascott’s Laosieach Cariao Cait

  • YB (3,2)1 Macaulay’s Graystone Farunah from Garlove. Lovely bitch. Feminine but with great substance. Good outline and curves. Good rear quarters which immediately identified her as a litter mate to the Yearling dog. Lovely lay back of shoulder which lets her use her whole body when moving. A very pretty bitch who won the Res CC despite some pressure from other winners. RCC.
  • NB (2,1)1 Finney’s Gulliagh Killogue. Tall Grey Brindle. Good body proportions., lovely profile of great type. Adequate in rear. Lacks forechest and pays penalty on the move when she comes back.
  • UGB (2,1)1 Barnbrook/Smith-King’s Bribiba’s Bonnie Lass. Good substance and type. Not happy in ring. Hard to assess movement. If happier will be much stronger contender.
  • PGB (5)1 Barnbrook/Smith-King’s Nightwing Wanderin Star over Bribiba. Tall Brindle Bitch. Good outline. Would like a better eye. Balanced but a little restricted in movement.

    2 Mullen’s Broughadowey Asta. Brindle and a little smaller all round than the other bitches but is beautifully balanced and very sound.

    3 Donnelly’s Calcara Siochan of Cuaontroime.

  • LB (6,2)1 Barnbrook/Smith-King’s Bribiba’s Ebony Moon. Grey Brindle. Good size and proportions. A little straight front and rear, but balanced. Good curves and daylight under her which gives great elegance.

    2 Finney’s Gulliagh Barraduff. Grey Brindle. Did not make most of herself and a little straight behind. Good coming and going. Places could be reversed.

    3 Forret-Close’s Brachan Loch Dee over Tapsalteerie.

  • OB (10, 2)1 Finney’s Ir Ch Gulliagh Corrig. Tall Elegant bitch. Good outline. Sound coming and going. Excellent expression. The essence of femininity and type making her my kind of Irish Wolfhound. She tended to be a little stubborn on the move but was easily my bitch CC winner. When it came to Best in Show I have two lovely Wolfhounds with individual strengths and weaknesses. In the end I thought the front assembly of the dog and his willingness on the move earned him the BIS. The bitch would be Reserve BIS. CC, Res BIS.

    2 Tebbutt’s Cu-Uladh Sionainn Caredig. Dark Brindle Bitch. Good front with substance. Not putting everything in when coming and going. Typy bitch. Would change ears but a very worthy contender

    3 Holder/Howe’s Mascott’s Nellwyns Miss Ella

  • VB (2,0)1 Finney’s Gulliagh Scarlet. Nice outline. Good substance. Good head expression. Youth and movement won class.

    2 Finney’s Ir Ch Gulliagh Nedine. Pretty head. Outline good. Age and motherhood had affected her rear movement.